About Enable Ethiopia

Our Mission

Enable Ethiopia’s mission is to work with communities in remote rural Ethiopia to help them improve their own lives.history

We believe in working closely with the community so that they are actively involved in the selection of the projects, and are responsible for the projects’ execution and sustainability.

Our role is to provide the necessary funding for the resources required and any technical assistance through the local partners.

We do not seek to simply provide aid to the community, but to improve the level of health, the state of the infrastructure systems and the level of education to the extent that the communities can be empowered to support themselves and invest in their own futures.


In 2005 a trek to the Simien Mountains National Park, in northern Ethiopia, was organised to support Great Ormond Street Hospital, a London Children’s hospital. This trip was split between trekking and working on constructing a health post with the people of a local village; Ambaras.

The group saw the need to contribute further to the region. We listened to the villagers’ needs and elected to build a clean water point for Ambaras. Funds were raised by donations from the group and their friends and family.

We researched charities and NGO’s active in the region and identified ORDA (Organisation for the Rehabilitation and Development of Amhara) as best technical partner to manage the project.

ORDA completed the water point in March 2006 and presented a needs assessment for the region.
In September 2006 Enable Ethiopia became a UK registered charity. In order to maximise the impact of donations, no money is spent on UK based staff. The charity is managed by unpaid volunteers.